Writing Courses

General Questions

– AWEC textbooks are published by NTU Press Center and therefore undownloadable. Information on AWEC textbooks can be found on  “Writing Resources” > “AWEC Publications” on the AWEC website.

These courses are offered by AWEC in support of the Center for General Education. They are conducted in a dual-mode design—large theory classes deliver fundamental knowledge and small practicals enhance team collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Departmental Teachers

Departmental writing courses are offered to their students. AWEC respects the course instructor’s decision as to whether or not to open these courses to students from other departments.

Departments who wish to offer writing courses should contact AWEC by phone or email specifying what the course title is (according to the types of AWEC courses) and how many classes there are. AWEC will place the course instructor into contact with departments to facilitate course preparations.

Teachers who wish to give writing courses can participate in AWEC teaching workshops.


Currently, only English Writing for Academic Purposes requires that students have a research topic ready and that they be second-year (or above) master’s students. As for all the other courses, equal priority is given to master’s and doctoral students because they both require academic writing training.

AWEC offers formal 3-credit Chinese and English writing courses to NTU graduate students. To pre-register for AWEC courses during the course selection period, students can visit the NTU website and click “Courses”  “Academic Writing Courses.”

Students who wish to receive an extra seat should show up in the first week to see if the course instructor will release more seats.

Academic Events

AWEC academic events are open mainly to NTU students and faculty. However, if there is space available on the day of the event, onsite registration will be available to both NTU and Non-NTU people.

Handouts and slides used in the talks or workshops are the property of the speaker. Except for the hard copies available onsite, AWEC is unable to provide electronic copies of these files without the authorization of the speaker.

Consultation Services

More information can be found in the table below.

Service Writing First Aid Station
Target user NTU students
Fee Free
Consultation mode One on one in person
Location NTU
Service provider AWEC instructors
Service period During the semester
Registration Required
Do documents need to be provided ahead of time? No
Translation No
Proofreading or editing No
Referral to learning resources Yes

AWEC reserves the right to notify their supervisors. However, applicants can decide whether to authorize this or not.

They can visit the AWEC website → “Writing First Aid” → “Appointment Booking.”

They should visit the AWEC website → “Writing First Aid” → “My Appointment” and log in to fill out the cancellation form.

Cancellation must be made three working days prior to the consultation session so as to leave the session open to other applicants. Applicants will be deemed absent if they do not cancel their appointments in advance and will be suspended once from consultation services. Absence affects other students. Absent applicants will immediately lose consultation privileges for three months.

Other Questions

AWEC publications are available at NTU Press Center and major bookstores.

Students are recommended to write directly in English so that their language use would appear more natural, especially when they need to publish their research outcomes in English. Revision is better than translation. Students who rarely write in English can take Fundamentals of English Writing to familiarize themselves with conventional language usages in English writing. Students who are poor at organizing ideas can take Chinese Academic Writing or English Writing for Academic Purposes to enhance their logical thinking and writing abilities in Chinese and English, respectively.