Writing with AI

About Us

Our Writing with AI consultation service offers a cutting-edge solution for improving writing skills and promoting high-quality writing. With the recognition of AI-powered writing software as a critical tool in promoting excellence, we provide students with customized and actionable feedback on grammar, style, tone, and content to help writers refine their writing skills, develop self-correction strategies, and produce work of a higher standard.

We offer two consultation options: AI-assisted Editor and Online AI Consultation. With the AI-assisted Editor, you can submit you paper online and choose from four different AI-powered software, each with different aspects of feedback, including rhetorical structure, genre conventions, grammar, spelling correction, and word choice. With the feedback report in hand, you can schedule an Online AI Consultation with one of our trained AI consultants to further discuss or address macro-level and micro-level writing issues.

Our unique approach, combining the power of technology with individualized writing consultants, prepares all NTU students to become confident and effective writers who can communicate their ideas with clarity and precision.

AI-powered software

Best for Document Types Features & Advantages Example
  • More advanced academic and technical writing
  • SOP, cover letters
  • Essay drafts
It is mainly a paraphrasing tool that rewrites your original text, providing alternative options to refine your writing fluency. Download
Writefull It automatically proofreads your text, including grammar, punctuations and word choice to enhance the quality and consistency of your writing. Download
Prowriting Aid
  • Academic & non-academic essays
  • Resumes & application forms
  • Essay assignments
It offers all-inclusive feedback on grammar, style checking and fragmented sentences, combined with more in-depth reports. Download
Grammarly It offers important suggestions for grammar, spelling checking, punctuations and other mechanic-related errors. Download

* You may only choose one software for your paper during the AI-assisted Editor appointment.

Core Principles and Policies:

  1. We prioritize all enrolled NTU students, faculty, and staff in AI-assisted Editor. Online AI Consultation Appointments are only offered to NTU students, faculty, and staff who have received AI-edited files and seek additional help.
  2. Only Word documents are accepted, named as (Student ID_Student Name). Submitted files must not exceed 15 pages.
  3. In general, you will receive the AI-edited feedback report within three days of your scheduled appointment. If not, it means your registration failed.
  4. Each applicant may sign up for 3 appointments at most per semester.
  5. Repeated cancellations (more than twice) or being a “no show” for two Online AI Consultation appointments will result in loss of service eligibility for the semester.
  6. To enhance the quality of our service, we would appreciate that you complete the feedback form after the consultation.
  7. We reserve the right to determine your eligibility and cancel your appointments if you do not meet the requirements.

Please email to r10524011@ntu.edu.tw if you have encountered any problems during the service.