Department Course

Departmental Courses

In collaboration AWEC, individual departments and institutes offer Fundamentals of English Writing and English Writing for Academic Purposes. These courses are tailored to students from the same departments so that they can be guided by the instructor to effectively develop their academic writing abilities through critically reading and writing professional articles.

Fundamentals of English Writing includes

    • 1. Reading skills
    • 2. Critical thinking
    • 3. Writing skills
    • 4. Move and step analysis
    • 5. Academic writing features and structures
    • 6. Introduction to professional writing
    • 7. Peer review skills
    • 8. Self-editing skills
    • 9. Professional oral and/or poster presentations

These courses focus on writing-related skills. Research content and methodology fall out of the scope of these classes.

Departments and institutes that have collaborated with AWEC are as follows: Department of Civil Engineering (including the CAE group, the class for international students, and the Hydraulic Engineering Division); Department of Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering; Institute of Biotechnology; College of Life Science; Department of Sociology; Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine; Department of Finance; Institute of Health Policy and Management; Department of Economics; Department of Computer Science & Information Engineering; Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering; Department of Mathematics; Department of History; Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine; Institute of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences; School of Medicine.

Departments and institutes who wish to offer such writing courses can refer to AWEC Guidelines for Supporting Departmental Writing Courses.