Introduction to English Presentations 

Introduction to English Presentations

This is a new course for undergraduates only, who want to learn the basics of good oral presentation for their future academic and professional careers.

Students will learn how to structure and communicate in different presentation modes: Making Introductions, Describing Phenomena, Comparing Phenomena, Demonstrating, Persuading, Recommending, Concluding.

Course Overview

This SURVEY course is designed primarily for undergraduate (pre-research) students who want to improve their English academic presentation skills and language prior to developing a research project. The focus is on making short presentations using common functions: Describing, Demonstrating, Comparing, Persuading.

Course Content includes: The Basics of Presentation Success: Attitude & Connection, Voice techniques for speakers, Developing strong, professional introductions and conclusions, Developing appropriate language for presentations.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you should be able to:
1. Know how to create the most commonly used elements of a presentation.
2. Present more confidently by improving your presentation vocabulary range
3. Apply voice techniques to your presentations to enhance your communication and be more persuasive.

Course Requirements

1. Attendance on enrollment day is mandatory for this class. If you do not attend on the first day your place will be given away.
2. Lectures and materials are presented in English. You will need to have a confident level of English to successfully participate in this course. Group discussions, however, can be conducted in any language.
3. This course is specifically designed to students who have not yet begun a research project, such as undergraduates. This course especially welcomes undergraduates from any discipline. Graduate students who possess a low level of English will be considered for this course.
4. No auditors allowed.