Popular Science Writing

Popular Science Writing

Course Overview

Writing is an important medium for connecting individuals with the world. It is also an important tool for transmitting knowledge and communicating ideas. Whether in hard or soft sciences, it is of communicative and interactive importance in this era of the knowledge economy to cultivate the ability to popularize professional knowledge, in addition to mastering one’s own professional knowledge and fundamental skills.

Through selected readings and an introduction to writing skills, this course will develop students’ awareness of their target readers and familiarize them with fundamentals of popular science writing. Upon completion of each unit, students will engage in practices and discussions with a view to exposing them to possible gaps between intended and perceived meanings in writing. These gaps can help students address their own writing weaknesses and ultimate enhance their expressive power.

Course Objectives

1. Students understand the needs of their readers and turn difficult professional content into simple knowledge.
2. Students learn to use effectively expository skills to transmit knowledge.
3. Students deepen scientific literacy and cultivate humanistic spirit.

Course Requirements

Students should select a popular science book and read it in detail at the beginning of the semester so as to facilitate their participation in the Unit “An Introduction to Popular Science Writing.”

Other Requirements

Students should actively participate in reading course materials and discussing assignments.
Students should not miss more than three classes.