108-2 semester New course “Reading to Connect”

108-2 semester New course “Reading to Connect” This is a distance learning course designed to help undergraduate and graduate students develop fundamental strategies for reading English academic texts more effectively and critically. Reading assignments, practice and activities will explore a variety of English language materials, such as news articles, academic articles, opinions and commentaries across disciplines. The texts will cover topics related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to address a wide range of social and global issues ranging from poverty to climate change. Topics covered will include comprehension, vocabulary enrichment, close-reading analysis and critical reflection. All the […]

The Challenge and Strategies for Cross-cultural and Cross-generation Communication

The Challenge and Strategies for Cross-cultural and Cross-generation Communication Speaker : Chen-ching Li Time:10:30-12:00, December 9th (Mon.), 2019 Venue:Room 302, Liberal Education Classroom Building Synopsis This speech will discuss how we utilize languages to formulate new ideas, plan action strategies and make value judgement to achieve effective and harmonious cross cultural and cross-generation communication in the wave of globalization. This speech will not only explore the relevant theories, but also discuss the challenges and strategies encountered in real life scenarios. Registration: 臺大myNTU活動報名系統(編號20191260_02) Academic Writing Education Center Tel:02-3366-1480

108-1 AWEC Academic Events


宋大峯 Dafong Song

兼任助理教授 Adjunct Assistant Professor 國立臺灣大學博士 PhD, National Taiwan University Email: Dafong loves writing. She has written and edited over 30 books on consumer education, home economics, food nutrition, and environmental protection, etc. Her interdisciplinary learning makes her publish papers not only in natural science but also in social science fields. She has taught courses including sociology, statistics, research methods, academic writing, health Industry management, family studies, etc. at universities and graduate institutes. She believes that the study of social and behavioral sciences should adopt multi-study methods and values the perspective of quantification and qualification; in this way, we can better […]

趙雄健 Hsiung-Chien Chao

兼任講師 Adjunct Instructor 國立臺灣師範大學博士候選人 PhD Candidate, National Taiwan Normal University Email: 學術寫作向來令人望之卻步甚至聞風喪膽的主要原因,可能是其強調理性思考與科學辯證的特性。所以,乍聽之下好似既枯燥乏味又冷酷無情;然而事實恐怕並非如此,因為它從來不屬於一門虛無飄渺、遙不可及的專業知識。我認為: 有時候寫論文就像單人的背包旅行。偶爾難免寂寞孤獨,但路途上超乎想像的各式風景會帶來純粹的喜悅和豐厚的成就感。亦如同跳舞一樣,身體與腳步自然隨著旋律、節奏流轉變化,卻永遠無法預知下一小節將遇見什麼挑戰。 有時候寫論文應該像偵探調查罪案般,需要時刻提高警覺、仔細觀察以及蒐集證據方能確定兇手身份;同時,更要似辯護律師努力捍衛被告,必須依照法條邏輯鋪陳論點、詳述理由,最後再交由法官判決優劣勝敗。 整體而言,學術寫作其實是一種對話的過程。不僅要與自己交流,也會跟千萬個他者互動。其中不斷來回擺盪、迴環往復,終極目標即在找尋且建構個人真正的面貌。 各位同學,暫且擱置你的疑慮吧!提起筆、拿起書,讓我們一起享受探索世界的樂趣!

林欣潔 HsinChieh Lin

兼任講師 Adjunct Instructor 英國愛丁堡大學碩士MSc in Applied Linguistics, University of Edinburgh, UK Email: HsinChieh (Kay) Lin received her MSc degree in Applied Linguistics from The University of Edinburgh, U.K. As a linguist, she is particularly interested in the interaction between language and society, the power structure of language and discourse analysis. After spending the first few years of her career exploring how linguistic knowledge can be applied in marketing and branding, Kay now concentrates on teaching, endeavoring to create engaging learning environments to strengthen learners’ motivations. Writing, she believes, is an intimate dialogue between the writer and herself. “I write […]

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